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Ranges now available 28/08/20

Starting "Moderns"
1/300th Modern figures are now in the shop

The 1/600th Coastal Forces

The 1/300th Naval range and aircraft and useful bits for naval wargaming.

The 1/300th WW2 aircraft range.

The 1/300th WW2 Figure range.

The 1/300th WW2 Vehicle range for everyone except Britain and Germany

Accessories, Flight stand and decals

1/300th WW2 Railways, track & trains

The 1/300th WW2 Vehicle range for Britain and Germany
So all WW2 now in the shop.😁



Web shop UPDATE- 3 Covid-19 -20th July 2020

Firstly, I hope you and your families are all well and I would like to say a big thank you to all those who have worked through this period to help the sick and keep the country running.
It’s has been a while since our last update and now we are hopefully seeing a slow return to “normal” life though my feeling’s are that it will be different than before for many of us. What the future holds I am not sure but we have been thinking about how best to move Heroics & Ros forward. With the uncertainty around how long restrictions of some kind will last and the possibility of a second wave we have decide to reorganise our factory. This should allow us to use more of the equipment while still creating a safe working environment. It might not be 100% efficient but without a guaranteed end date to restrictions and a vaccine it seems sensible to find a way to increase casting capacity closer to normal rather than to keep opening and closing the shop or selling a restricted range of products.
We are reopening the shop on Monday 20th July. Ranges will be put back into stock gradually but unlike before once they are up, they will stay available. We will start with some of the smaller ranges to gradually build up rather than being overwhelmed on the first day.
I am sorry we have not been able to offer a full range of products over this period, with 2 young children to help look after and staff safety to consider I felt there was not really an alternative option. I really appreciate the nice emails, support and understanding shown to us by our customers.


The first range to be available is  the 1/600th Coastal Forces


All the Best

Date: 21/09/2020

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