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Web shop UPDATE Covid-19

I hope you and your families are well, please stay safe in these difficult times and thank you all for your patience and understanding while we have been closed. We have spent the last weeks looking at how we can still operate, keep safe and help look after my young family at home. Covid-19 is impacting everyone and seems unlikely to disappear in the next few weeks so we have totally changed how we will be working with only one person in at a time, we will therefore be reducing the product ranges which will be available at any one time.  The ranges being offered over the coming weeks will change so everyone will get a chance to purchase “their period”.

Currently you should find all the modern ranges available, WW2 figures both old and new style and our Dark age range available in the shop. In addition, our 1/600th Coast force range is there too, that’s nearly 1500 items to choose from, but if these are not for you, we will be swapping the available ranges on sale so keep checking back. I will post in the new section so it’s easy to find

We have approximately 30% casting capacity so orders will take time to process but we are hoping that concentrating our casting into smaller ranges will help with this. Posting in UK seem fine if understandably a little slow at times, same for most of European and US but there is currently a hold on mail to New Zealand due to lack of planes. If you want to know about your particular country this site is very useful.


Continuing to do business will of course depend on many things, government advice which currently is “if safe and work which can’t be done home is to OK”, continued metal supply, continued access to the postal service, childcare availability and most importantly nobody getting ill.

I just want to add a big THANK YOU all those working in the NHS and others who are still working in these difficult times and keeping us going. There are worse things to be asked to do than stay inside even if it’s with the wife and two young children 😊

"Stay home. Protect the NHS. Save lives"




Web shop temporary closing update

Firstly, I hope you and your families are well, please stay safe in

these difficult times and thank you all for your patience and

understanding while we have been closed.

When we closed in February it was with the intention of sorting out some

family matters which just couldn’t be done while still running Heroics &

Ros and then reopening with a shiny new Web site on the 23rd of March.


Well, things haven’t exactly gone to plan and like all other business in

the UK the corona virus is going to have an impact on how we work and

our personal lives. The closure of all UK schools means I need put in

place child care arrangements to allow me to work and we all need to

make sure we can work in a safe manner so I have decided to DELAY the

reopening until 30th March.

The situation is changing fast and we can’t predict what will happen but

I want to be as certain as we can be that when taking orders that we will

complete them in a timely manner and ship them out.

I know some of you have been waiting to place that order and I’m sorry

to keep you waiting that bit longer but I am feel spending the week

sorting things out so we can be as prepared possible to make and ship

product in this new “normal” situation is the sensible thing to do.


Thanks again for all the support, it is much appreciated


All the best from the Heroics & Ros team.



Web shop temporary closing

Just wanted to let everyone know we will be closing the shop for new orders on February 23rd we then aim to reopen the shop hopefully with a new web site on March 23rd. This gives you all a month to get any must have orders in before we close, we will then make sure all orders are completed before I am off to sort out some family matters. I have looked at getting some temporary help but unfortunately this is not possible. I have come to the conclusion it’s a better solution to close completely attend to the things I need to do and then reopen.

As a way of good news, I can confirm new releases for January and February and beyond, figure release schedule will be in the next message.


B129      Morris 37mm Portee                                     

IT029     Breda 20/65 Tripod Italian crew                                

BM101  Midge Launch unit on Bedford truck                                       

EGM001 Robur LO1800A (4 x 4) truck                                     

SWM015 Stridsvagn 101                                               

SWM016 Stridsvagn 104                                               

USM071 Hawk missile launcher on trailer                                             

IT030     Cannone da 105/28 (Rubber tyres)                                         

IT031     Cannone da 105/28 (Spoken wheels)                                     

IT032     Fiat Pavasi                                          

IT033     Obice da 100/17                                               


SM130  T55 AM1                                             

ITM003 OTO Melara Mod 56                                       

BM102  L5 pack howitzer                                             

GWF014 Canon de 105 mle 1913 Schneider                                        

F037       Canon de 105 mle 1913 Schneider (pneumatic tyres)                                      

BM097  Bulldog 3 with manned turret                                    

GM039 Midge Launch unit on MAN truck                                             

GM040 MAN 4 x 4 truck (new master)                                   

S063       122mm Howitzer Mod 38 deployed Artillery role                                              

S064       122mm Howitzer Mod 38 deployed A/T role                                       

S065       122mm Howitzer Mod 38 towed                                              


B130      BL 6-inch 26 cwt howitzer (rubber tyres)                               

B131      Austin K2 Ambulance                                    

G221      Breda 20/65 Tripod                                        

G165      Breda 20/65 Tripod crew with German helmet                                  

G221      Breda 20/65 Tripod crew with field cap                                 

BM098  Centurion ARV 2                                              

BM099  Centurion MkI                                  


IT030     Cannone da 105/28 (Rubber tyres)                                         

IT031     Cannone da 105/28 (Spoken wheels)                                     

IT032     Fiat Pavasi                                          

US066   M1 57mm anti-tank gun deployed                                          

US067   M1 57mm anti-tank gun Towed                                

SM129  SA2 Guideline                                   

SM131  SA8 Geko missiles (early version 4 missiles)                                         

SM132  Russian Tigr       

Thank you for you on going support


Christmas Holiday

I just wanted to say a big "Thank You" to all our customers for the support throughout 2019, which has been a pretty turbulent year for us.

We will be closed for our Christmas holidays from December 20th to January 6th 2020.We apologies for any delay in shipping your order this may cause.

Order shipments will recommence on our return but please remember order can take two weeks to process before dispatch sometimes longer when busy.

Best wishes for 2020


Andy, Ri, Caitlin & Nathan


Shop Reopens


Firstly, a big thank you a big thank to all our customers who have been very understanding while the shop was closed.  While my wife has not fully recovered, she is feeling much better, we are now hopeful surgery won’t be needed and life is returning to something close to “normal”. I have now reopened the shop but only for WW1 and beyond, the earlier figure ranges are not yet available. I felt it best have phased opening to be sure we can keep up with orders in the time I have available. I will add back in the figures once the initial rush has cleared, I am assuming a week or so, as this seemed to work well last time.


Andy & Ri



More New Models for May & price increase

First the good news; we are now able to start the release of the new models we have been building up while we coped with the factory move, with luck we should be able to bring out 4 models a month for the rest of the year and hopefully one new figure range at least every other month. The masters are done it’s just mould making capacity holding us back now. To address this, we need more staff and have reached the point where the only way to do this is an increase in prices so we can pay for them. I know nobody like prices going up but I want to continue to grow Heroics & Ros and without more staff we can’t do that, the only alternative would be to stop investment in new models which is not a road I want to go down.  With the support of our customers we have grown hugely over the last years and I wish this to continue so I would like to thank everyone for their support with this. I know you all want pictures and this is being worked on too, WW2 range is nearly done and even more on the way soon.


B123      17pdr Army        £0.65

B124      Breda 20/65 on tripod - crewman with British helmet      £0.65

B125      6pdr MK2 - Towed           £0.65

B126      6pdr MK2 - Deployed     £0.65

B127      6pdr MK4 - Towed           £0.65

B128      6pdr MK4 - Deployed     £0.65

New Models for May

They have actually been out for a few weeks but not officially announced so here is some more WW2 Germans this time SS troops in smocks, with helmets and field caps.

GR015    WW2 Waffen SS (50 figures 10 x G372)
GR016    WW2 Waffen SS Support (50 figures & equipment)
G370    German WW2 SS with StG.44 (5 different figures)
G371    German WW2 SS NCO & Grenadier (4 figures, 2 of each type)
G372    German WW2 SS Infantry rifles & MP.40 (5 diffent figures)
G373    German WW2 SS MG.34/42 teams (3 x 2 man team)
G374    German WW2 SS Command & RTO (1 x RTO & 2 x different Officers)
G375    German WW2 SS  MG.34  with 3 man team (1 x MG & 3 crew)
G376    German WW2 SS  81mm mortar & crew (1 mortar and 3 crew)
G377    German WW2 SS  5cm lGw.36 team (3 x 2 man team)
G378    German WW2 SS  Panzerfaust (5 figures)
G379    German WW2 SS ATR - PzB.39  team (3 x 2 man team)
G380    German WW2 SS Panzerschrek teams (3 x 2 man team)
G381    German WW2 SS Minedetector (5 figures)
G382    German WW2  SS Flammenwerfer 35 (5 figures)
G383    German WW2 SS pioneer with assult pack (5 figures)
G384    German WW2 SS pioneer with A/T mine (5 figures)
G385    German WW2 SS gun crew kneeling (3 figures)
G386    German WW2 SS  gun crew standing (4 figures)
G387    German WW2 SS early with long boots rifles & MP.28 (5 different figures)
G388    German WW2 SS 120mm mortar & crew (1 mortar and 3 crew)
Move Update-2
Hi all just a quick update on the progress of getting the shop fully back on line. We now have the Coast Forces 1/600th range there plus from the 1/300th range, the Ships and Planes and Railway. We have now just add all the new style figure both WW2 and 1980's along with the LRDG & Para range. I hope I will get WW2 on line tomorrow and the "modern range" on line over the weekend. Sorry it has taken longer than hope but we have been busy and on top of that I got a rather horrible stomach bug so no working at 100%. The final ranges to be added with be all other figures and I hope they will be on next week 😀😀




Move Update
Thanks for all the enquires about when we will be back up and running, it’s nice to know you miss us 😊. The move has taken longer than we hoped mainly due to the amount of orders we received prior to the move. We had to cast everything before we could start the factory relocation which meant we have had to delay reopening.
We have now moved our moulds and are testing the new casting equipment. We need to sort out the stock and then hopefully we will be ready for business in our new home.
I plan to reopen the web shop on Monday 4th March, this however will be a limited reopening. We are checking stock and moulds by range and period so as this is completed, they will become available on the web shop. I don’t want to be in a position where we have accepted an order but can’t be sure of being able to make it, currently there are over 4000 lines in our web shop so this is a big task.
I am sorry for the delay and gradual reopening but I wanted the shop back on line so we can use the news section to communicate and it makes sense to have a gradual opening in case we have any unforeseen problems in the new factory.
Thank you very much for your understanding with the delays to orders placed before we closed and the patience shown by you all waiting to place new ones. In the long term this is a really good opportunity for us as we now have access to more metal types, extra casting machines and the space to move. In addition, we can use the services of more trained casters and mould makers, this should allow us to release many of the models and figures you have seen glimpse of or heard about.

Once again, Many Thanks

Andy Kirk





Heroics & Ros is on the move, I have owned the company of 9 years now and in that time we have nearly quadrupled in size, which is great but we have been steadily out growing our current production capacity. We have been looking for a new location and now that opportunity has occurred but it has come about rather quickly.


In order to move we will have to shut production so, we will be closing for new orders from the 18th of January. We will complete all order placed before that date then start the task of moving thousands of moulds, equipment and stock. So if there is anything you “really need” before the end of February please order as soon as you can, if you can pass this on to anyone you thing might be interested it would be helpful.


I am not sure how long the move will take as it won’t start until we have shipped all outstanding orders which is clearly an unknown quantity.

But I am hope we can complete this in about a month and aim to reopen around 22nd February.


I am sorry for the short notice but it has been complicated to arrange and only now do we have confirmation of the availability.


Thanks you for all your support over the last 9 years and we have lots of new models ready for release once we are open again and just maybe even some more pictures ;-))



Andy Kirk


Heroics & Ros



Christmas Holiday News & New Releases
I just wanted to say a big " Thank You" to all our customers for the support through out 2018
We will be closed for our Christmas holidays from December 15th to January 2nd 2019.We apologies for any delay in shipping your order this may cause.
Order shipments will recommence on our return but please remember order can take two weeks to process before dispatch sometimes longer when busy.
Best wishes for 2019

Andy, Ri, Caitlin & Nathan

New Figures Swedish 1980's
SWM300  Swedish NCO & Grenadier w/ M203 (2 of each type)    £0.40
SWM301  Swedish LMG – KSP-58 team prone (3 x 2 man team)    £0.60
SWM302  Swedish Offices & RTO ( 1 of each type)    £0.40
SWM303  Swedish Observer prone (5 figures)    £0.60
SWM304  Swedish RBS 70 with operator (5 figures)    £0.60
SWM305  Swedish Sniper kneeling firing (3 figures)    £0.30
SWM306  Swedish Rb 53 Bantam ATGM & operator (2 crew 2 launchers)    £0.60
SWM307  Swedish Minedetector (5 figures)    £0.60
SWM308  Swedish Artillery crew - standing (4 figures)    £0.60
SWM309  Swedish 120mm mortar & crew (1 mortar & 3 crew)    £0.60
SWM310  Swedish 81mm mortar & crew (1 mortar & 3 crew)    £0.60
SWM311  Swedish GPMG on tripod team  (1 GPMG & 3 crew)    £0.60
SWM312  Swedish Pioneer planting/removing mine (5 figures) £0.60
SWM313  Swedish Pansarskott M/68 Miniman  (5 figures) £0.60
SWM314  Swedish 84mm Carl Gustav (5 figures)      £0.60
SWM315  Swedish Infantry strip (5 figures) £0.60
M38 - Swedish infantry (50)
M39 - Swedish infantry support (50)

New Figures French 1980's
FM300   French MILAN team (operator,reloader,spotter)   £0.40
FM301   French LMG – MAS AA-52 & gunner prone (2 man teams x 3) £0.60
FM302   French Offices & RTO (2 different officers and 1 RTO)  £0.40
FM303   French infantry with M1951 helmets, MAS 49/56 rifle or MAT-49 (5 figures) £0.60
FM304   French artillery crew - standing (4 figures) £0.60
FM305   French F/O kneeling (5 figures) £0.60
FM306   French NCO, Grenadier with APAV40 rifle grenade, LMG walking (one of each type) £0.40
FM307   French 81mm MO-81-61LL mortar & crew (mortar & 3 crew)  £0.60
FM308   French HMG(M2)on tripod & crew (HMG & 3 crew)  £0.60
FM309   French Heavy mortar crew (4 crew ONLY)  £0.60
FM310   French LRAC F1 ATRL operator & No 2 (2 man team x 3)   £0.60
FM311   French Sniper with FR F1 (5 figures)    £0.60
FM312   French Pioneer planting/removing mine (5 figures)       £0.60
FM313   French Minedetector (5 figures) £0.60
FM314   French APILAS LAW (5 figures)   £0.60
FM315   French Infantry strip with Modèle 1978 helmet(5 figures) £0.60
M40 - French infantry (50)
M41 - French infantry support (50)




New models for September

Time for Septembers new models a mix of cold war and WW2
BM100 Centurion bridge layer £2.00
BM87 Deployed bridge for Centurion bridge layer    50p
SM128 T-55AMV     70p
B235 Desert SAS jeep twin Vickers 60p
B236 Desert SAS jeep .50 Cal    60p
IT32 Fiat TL37 Artillery tractor 60p
IT28 Cannone da 65/17 (65mm infantry gun) 55p

New models for August

WW2 German paratroops 
G340 WW2 German Paratroopers NCO and Grenadier (2 of each) £0.60
G341 WW2 German Paratroopers MG.34/43 (LMG) team ( 3 x 2 man team) £0.60
G342 WW2 German Paratroopers Command & RTO ( 1 of each figure) £0.40
G343 WW2 German Paratroopers MG.34 HMG team (3 man team with HMG) £0.60
G344 WW2 German Paratroopers 81mm Mortar team (3 man crew & mortar) £0.60
G345 WW2 German Paratroopers 5cm Light mortar team ( 3 x 2 man team) £0.60
G346 WW2 German Paratroopers PzB.39 Anti Tank rifle ( 3 x 2 man teams £0.60
G347 WW2 German Paratroopers Mine detector (5 figures) £0.60
G348 WW2 German Paratroopers Kneeling satchel charge(5 figures) £0.60
G349 WW2 German Paratroopers Running with pole charge (5 figures) £0.60
G350 WW2 German Paratroopers Knelling gun crew (3 crew) £0.40
G351 WW2 German Paratroopers Standing gun crew (4 crew) £0.60
G352 WW2 German Paratroopers Flamethrower Flammenwerfer 35 (5 figures) £0.60
G353 WW2 German Paratroopers 120 mm Mortar team (3 crew & mortar) £0.60
G354 WW2 German Paratroopers with FG.42 (2 figures) £0.30
G355 WW2 German Paratroopers with StG.44 ( 3 figures) £0.40
G356 WW2 German Paratroopers Opening container (3 figures & 3 containers) £0.60
G357 WW2 German Paratroopers Gathering parachute (3 figures with parachutes) £0.60
G358 WW2 German Paratroopers figure strip(5 figures) £0.60
G359 WW2 German Paratroopers container (5 containers) £0.60
G360 WW2 German Paratroopers observer (5 figures) £0.60
G361 WW2 German Paratroopers Panzerfaust (5 figures) £0.60
G362 WW2 German Paratroopers Panzerschrek 2 man team ( 3 x 2 man team) £0.60
G363 WW2 German Paratroopers 2.8cm sPzB.41 (crewed gun) £0.40
G364 WW2 German Paratroopers MG.151/20 gunner prone (3 x crewed gun) £0.60
G365 WW2 German Paratroopers Püppchen (crewed gun) £0.40
G166 7.5 cm Leichgeschütz 40 £0.50
G167 10.5 cm Leichgeschütz 40 £0.50
ACC015 Modern Fascines x 2 £0.60
FM023 MO-120mm mortar - firing £0.55
FM024 MO-120mm mortar - towed £0.55USM71
M47 PAtton tank 70p

Missed from previous posted the list for the new LRDG vehicles 


Salute New models

GR011 German WW2 DAK (50) £4.50
GR012 German WW2 DAK Support (50) £4.50
G320 German WW2 DAK 5cm lGw.36 team (6 ) £0.60
G321 German WW2 DAK ATR - PzB.39 team (6) £0.60
G322 German WW2 DAK MG.34 with 3 man team (3) £0.40
G323 German WW2 DAK NCO & Grenadier (4) £0.60
G324 German WW2 DAK Command & RTO (3) £0.40
G325 German WW2 DAK MG.34/42 team (6) £0.60
G326 German WW2 DAK Kneeling with pole charges (5) £0.60
G327 German WW2 DAK gun crew standing (4) £0.60
G328 German WW2 DAK 81mm mortar & crew (4) £0.60
G329 German WW2 DAK Minedetector (5) £0.60
G330 German WW2 DAK running with satchel charge(5) £0.60
G331 German WW2 DAK Flammenwerfer 41 (5) £0.60
G332 German WW2 DAK gun crew kneeling (3) £0.40
G333 German WW2 DAK Infantry strip (4) £0.60

DKM001 M41 DK-1 76mm Light Tank £0.65
DKM002 Centurion MK V DK-2 £0.65
M36 Danish infantry (50) £4.50
M37 Danish Support (50) £4.50
DKM300 Danish FIM-43 Redeye (5) £0.60
DKM301 Danish MG.3 (LMG) team (6) £0.60
DKM302 Danish M72 LAW (5) £0.60
DKM303 Danish NCO's & Hovea M.49 & MG.3 walking (4) £0.60
DKM304 Danish Command (3) £0.40
DKM305 Danish Observer (5) £0.60
DKM306 Danish 84mm Carl Gustav (5) £0.60
DKM307 Danish 81mm Mortar team (4) £0.60
DKM308 Danish Mortar 120mm crew ONLY (4) £0.60
DKM309 Danish MG.3 on tripod (GPMG) team (4) £0.60
DKM310 Danish Mine detector (5) £0.60


Heroics & Ros will be closing from Sunday May 7th until Monday June 4th. Any orders placed before we close on the 3rd will be dispatched while we are closed but no new orders will be taken until we reopen. I have some family matters which I need to be sort out and trying to do this and run Heroics & Ros will just not be possible. Rather than offer a poor service with long lead times I have chosen to close and get things sorted and then reopen with everything completed.


With this in mind we have released 3 new ranges at Salute and they will be added to the web shop this week.

To accompany last month’s 8th Army we now have the LRDG and to provide some help to the Italians the Afrika Korps are also released.

For those interested in cold war gaming we now have 2 Danish tanks and Danish infantry & support.


Many Thanks to all our Customer for their supports.

Kind Regards.

Andy and family

New Models for March
We now have some more Western desert figures a new range for British 8th Army list below and 2 b

Date: 19/09/2015

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