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Christmas Holiday News

I just wanted to thank all our customers for the support through out 2017

We will be closed for our Christmas holidays from December 15th to January 3rd 2018.
We apologies for any delay in shipping your order this may cause.

Orders can take up to 2 weeks to work through so a confirmation email will be sent when your order is shipped.


Best wishes for 2018


Andy, Ri Caitlin & Nathan

November update.

We have been very busy and wanted to ensure we had production sorted  before recommencing new releases.
Think we have its sorted now so here is the first of many 1980's West German infantry.

M32    West German infantry (50) £4.00
M33    West German Support (50) £4.00
WGM300 West German M72 LAW (5) 60p
WGM301 West German Mortar 120mm team (4) 60p
WGM302 West German PzF 44 (5) 60p
WGM303 West German MG3 on tripod (GPMG) team (3) 60p
WGM304 West German FIM-43 Redeye (5) 60p
WGM305 West German Flamethrower - Handflammpatrone DM34 (5) 60p
WGM306 West German 84mm Karl Gustav (5) 60p
WGM307 West German Command & RTO (3) 40p
WGM308 West German NCO/Grenadier/Uzi (3) 40p
WGM309 West German Minedetector (5) 60p
WGM310 West German G3 w/ FERO-51 night sight (3) 30p
WGM311 West German sniper with G3SG1 (3) 30p
WGM312 West German Engineer Planting/removing mine (5) 60p
WGM313 West German Milan team (3) 40p
WGM314 West German Standing artillery crew (4) 60p
WGM315 West German MG3 (LMG) team prone (6) 60p
WGM316 West German Infantry strip (5) 60p


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I just wanted to thank all our customers for the support through out 2016 its been an “interesting” year major surgery and a new baby, I am sort of hoping 2107 will be a little less stressful Smile

We are now off on Christmas holiday, we will be returning on Monday January 9th 2017 when we will start processing order placed over the holiday period.

Orders can take up to 2 weeks to work through so a confirmation email will be sent when your order is shipped.


Best wishes for 2017


Andy, Ri Caitlin & Nathan


New Models for November and Baby.

Hi All

To confirm, we will be attending the Warfare show on July 19th & 20th but our stocks are still low so if there is anything you are hoping to buy on the day please email and we will do our best to get it ready and bring it with us, figure stocks are particularly low.


To confirm the releases for November are.

M28     Soviet Motor rifles (50) £4.00

includes 3 LMG teams

M29     Soviet Motor rifles Support (50) £4.00

Mix of different support figures

SM124   TMM-3 Bridgelayer £1.20

TMM-3 Bridgelayer on KrAZ-255B 7.5t truck chassis, the bridge sections are separate parts so can be made as a loaded on the truck or deployed as a bridge

SM316   Soviet Motor rifles 9K34 Strela-3 (5) 60p

SM317   Soviet Motor rifles RPK-74 (LMG) team (6) 60p

SM318   Soviet Motor rifles RPG-18 Myxa (5) 60p

SM319   Soviet Motor rifles Flame rocket RPO Rys (5) 60p

SM320   Soviet Motor rifles Command (6) 60p

SM321   Soviet Motor rifles 9K111 Fagot (Spigot) operator  (3) 40p

SM322   Soviet Motor rifles RPG-7 (5) 60p

SM323   Soviet Motor rifles 9K11 Malyutka (Sagger) team (6) 60p

SM324   Soviet Motor rifles AGS-17 Plamya team (6) 60p

SM325   Soviet Standing artillery crew (4) 60p

SM326 Soviet Motor rifles PKS on tripod (GPMG) team (4) 60p

SM327   Soviet Motor rifles Flamethrower LPO-50 (5) 60p

SM328   Soviet Motor rifles sniper (3) 30p

SM329   Soviet Motor rifles Mine detector (5)

SM330   Soviet Motor rifles SPG-9 team (6) 60p

SM331   Soviet Motor rifles Mortar team (4) 60p

SM332  Soviet Motor rifles with night site (3) 30p


Just to keep everyone informed which seem to work well last time and to cap what has been a very "interesting" year my second child is due in a few weeks so if the web site is suddenly closed for maintenance it means it happened and I will be take some time out to help out, have 2 under 2 will be fun :-))


New Models for September and Holiday.

Hi All

The release for this month are 1980's British and WW2 Finnish troops in winter uniforms along with some generic " Ski troops"

M26    1980's British Infantry (50) £4.00
M27    1980's British Infantry  Support (50) £4.00
BM300    1980's British Infantry sniper (3) 30p
BM301    1980's British Infantry with night sight (3) 30p
BM302    1980's British Infantry GPMG -L7 team (6) 60p
BM303    1980's British Infantry LMG- L4A2 Bren (5) 60p
BM304    1980's British Infantry Milan team (3 40p
BM305    1980's British Infantry L7 on tripod (GPMG) team (4) 60p
BM306    1980's British Infantry 0.5" on tripod (HMG) team (4) 60p
BM307    1980's British Infantry L77a1 mine detector (5)    60p
BM308    1980's British Infantry 51mm Mortar  (5) 60p
BM309    1980's British Infantry 81mm L16 Mortar team (4) 60p
BM310    1980's British Infantry Observer with Sterling (5)60p
BM311    1980's British Infantry Blowpipe (5) 60p
BM312    1980's British Infantry M72 LAW (5) 60p
BM313    1980's British Infantry Carl Gustav (5) 60p
BM314    1980's British Infantry command strip (4) 60p
BM315    1980's British Infantry artillery crew (4) 60p
BM86    Chieftain Stillbrew 65p
IRF20    Ski Troops (6) 60p
IRF21    Ski Troops Command (6) 60p
IRF22    Ski Troops gun cew -  kneeling (9) 60p
S311    Winter Soviet gun crew Kneeling (6)60p
S312    Winter Soviet gun crew Standing (4) 40p
FL300    Finnish Infantry (5) 60p
FL301    Finnish Lahti L-39 team (6) 60p
FL302    Finnish Command (6) 60p
FL303    Finnish Maxim team on sledge mount (6) 60p
FL304    "Finnish" Reindeer & Sledge with load (6) 60p
FL305    Finnish gun crew Kneeling (6) 60p
FL306    Finnish Degtyaryov team (6) 60p
FL307    Finnish Lahti-Saloranta M/26 team (6) 60p


In addition, I am taking next week of so no orders will be sent out that week.

It's been a hard few months back after the operation and I need a rest so taking sometime out with wife and daughter before the new baby arrives to recharge the batteries.





Change to way of selling Artillery & some models

The time has finally come to raise our prices. In the over 6 years I have owned the company we haven’t raised the price of any of our existing models, but the time has now come when I really need to review things to ensure the company’s long term future and ensure an ever increasing range of new models. With a new baby on the way the time I can devote to working on Heroics & Ros must reduce, which means contracting out more of our work.


I don’t intended to raise everything by a fixed percentage but review each model or type of model and find an economic price for each so this will be an ongoing project rather than a big bang.


As part of this project we will also be making some changes to the way some items are sold in the shop.

Artillery will now be sold without crew, this will give you the choice of using one of our increasing range of new figures or the current crew figures or none if that’s what you prefer.

All models will be sold individually rather than some in pairs, this is proving confusing for some of our newer customers when placing orders.


We will start by changing the way things are sold as of 1st September (i.e. Tomorrow) and implement other changes as we go.


New Models for July & Joy of 6

Hi All

Thank you very much to all those customers sending best wishes, we now have the web shop back open, still not 100% better but well on the way.


To confirm, we will be attending the Joy of 6 show on July 17th but our stocks are low so if there is any thing you are hoping to buy on the day please email and we will do our best to get it ready and bring it with us, figure stocks are particularly low.


To confirm the releases for July are.


SM122  BMD-1P updated variant with AT-4/5 missile system 40p

This is an existing mode we actually had 2 different variants of the BMD-1 under the same code number

SM123            Ural 375 Truck (ex Skytrex M797) 55p

We have taken this model out of the legacy section as it turns out the H&R URAL truck is the 377 variant

Some new sculpt figures

M24     Soviet Paratroops (VDV) (50)  £4.00

M25     Soviet Paratroops (VDV) Support (50)            M25 £4.00

SM300            Soviet Paratroops (VDV) Mine detector (5) 60p

SM301            Soviet Paratroops (VDV) SPG-9 team (3) 60p

SM302            Soviet Paratroops (VDV) 9K11 Malyutka (Sagger) team (3) 40p

SM303            Soviet Paratroops (VDV) Flamethrower LPO-50 (5) 60p

SM304            Soviet Paratroops (VDV) 9K111 Fagot (Spigot) operator  (3) 40p

SM305            Soviet Paratroops (VDV) PKS on tripod (GPMG) team (4)     60p

SM306            Soviet Paratroops (VDV) sniper (3) 40p

SM307            Soviet Paratroops (VDV) Mortar team 60p

SM308            Soviet Paratroops (VDV) RPG-7 (5) 60p

SM309            Soviet Paratroops (VDV) 9K34 Strela-3 (5) 60p

SM310            Soviet Paratroops (VDV) RPG-18 Myxa (5) 60p

SM311            Soviet Paratroops (VDV) AGS-17 Plamya team (6) 60p

SM312            Soviet Paratroops (VDV) Flame rocket RPO Rys (5) 60p

SM313            Soviet Paratroops (VDV) RPK-74 (LMG) team (6) 60p

A new sculpt AFV

BM85  Trojan armoured vehicle (AVRE) £1.20

A new sculpt Helicopter

SMA902          Mil Mi-26 Halo £15.00

One of a group of ex Skytrex masters we found and are putting production.

B120    Morris CS8 Water bowser 50p










As many of you may know I have been suffering from ill health over the last few months but have kept Heroics & Ros going with help from family and friends. I am due to have surgery on the 27th May 2016 which should fix me! The estimated recovery time according to my surgeon is 4-6 weeks so I have decided to shut Heroics and Ros completely on 26th May until 1st July 2016 to allow me to concentrate on my recovery and not put any extra strain on my family.

 Shop update

No orders will be taken during this period. Heroics and Ros will re-commence trading on 1st July 2016 .


July will also see the release of the first of our new models some of you may have heard about.


My apologies for any inconvenience this will cause and I hope you can be understanding but my health and family are my priority and I feel doing things this way I can ensure Heroics & Ros can provide the type of service I want on my return without risking my recovery, trying to do both will just comprise them both.


Kind Regards.

Andy and family


Heroics & Ros

Salute 2016

As some of you may now I have had some health problems over the last month or so.

Things have not improved and with Salute now just under two weeks I have had to make the decision we will not be attending Salute in the normal manner.

There will be no stock available to purchase on the day, any pre-orders can of cause be picked up and we are still taking those if you would like to take something home on the day. If you want to order and pay on the day we will happily provide free postage anywhere in the world, yes anywhere.

I hope to attend on the day along with Ian our sculptor and we can then show lots of our new models, some of which will be being used in a game on the day.

I am sorry we are unable to do a full stand this year but I have to be realistic in what can be achieved and this seems the best comprise between no attendance and possibly making things worse on the health front. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but I am sure you will understand.

I look forward to meeting some of you on the day and having some time to chat.





Christmas hoilday news
We will be closed from December 18th until January 4th
The web shop will be working but no order will be dispatched until the New Year.
Wishing all our customer a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2016

Andy Ri & Caitlin

New Models for December

BM82    Ridgback  - Remote weapons system    £0.65                                            
BM83    Foxhound     £0.65                                            
BM84    Foxhound - crewed MG    £0.65                                            
G139     SdKfz 251/17 Ausf.D w/2cm Schwebelafette £0.55
SR6    Winter Russian infantry approx (50) figures     £3.50
SR7    Winter Russian Heavy weapons approx (50) figures     £3.50
SR8    Winter Russian infantry sub machine guns approx (50)     £3.50
S62    Winter Russian infantry sub machine guns strip (6)     £0.60
S63    Winter Russian infantry strip (6)     £0.60
S64    Winter Russian command strip (6)     £0.60
S65    DP LMG team strip (3)    £0.60
S66    Anti tank rifle team strip (3)    £0.60
S67    Grenade/NCO strip (6)    £0.60
S68    Light mortar & loader (6)     £0.60
S69    Mortar & crew (9)    £0.60
S70    M1910 Maxim, loader & spotter (9)    £0.60
S71    Minedetetor, Panzerfaust,satchel charge, flamethrower (8)     £0.60
S72    Minedog handler, mine dog, Alsatian (9)    £0.60
GWT02    WW1 Turkish Heavy Machine gun & crew  (3)    £0.55
GWAH01 Skoda 7.5 cm Gebirgskanone M. 15/ 7.5cm GebK15 gun / Obice da 75/13 £0.55



BM80    Wolfhound    £0.65
BM81    Ridgback    £0.65
G138    Mercedes L3000A, 3-ton, 4x4, Cargo (ex skytrex master) £0.55
GWR03    WW1 Russian 122 mm howitzer M1910/30    £0.55
G309    Mine Detector (5)    £0.60
G310    Kneeling gun crew team of 3 (9)    £0.60
G311    Satchel Charge (4)    £0.40
G312    Flame Thrower (5)    £0.60

Date: 19/09/2015

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