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Heroics and Ros

Welcome to the home of Heroics and Ros models, including Armstrong miniatures and the Heimskringla Vikings and now Skytrex 1/300 range. We are also agents for the Fight's On! accessories.

All our new models are listed in the New Model section

News for December

Well, there will be no new release for December. We had planned some to start our new WW2 Winter figure range but real life has rather taken over at the moment. I have just become a father rather suddenly, baby Caitlin, was born 3 weeks early but both mother and baby are well. We are going to start Christmas a little early and will "officially" close this week on the 20th for Christmas and plan to reopen on the 5th January 2015.

Feel free to email mail orders, but we won't be dispatching new orders until January 5th 2015.

I would like to thank all our customers for their support this year and wish you and your familes a Merry Christmas and Happy 2015.


News for November

Firstly for those interested in military history, well saving it for the nation you might want to sign this petition to try and stop the cuts at the Imperial War museum.


The new release for this month will be
CHM8 ZSL92 - IFV with 25mm cannon 55p
CHM9 ZSL92 - AFV with 12.7mm 55p

B118 Guy Lizard Armoured Command Vehicle 55p
GWB27 BL 6-inch 30 cwt howitzer 55p
GWBR15 British Infantry in Action (1914) appox 50 figures £3.50

News for October

The new release for this month will be
BM73 FV430 Mk3 Bulldog 55p
NKM05 M-1978 (Koksan) 170 mm self-propelled gun £1.00
GWG17 15cm sFH02 howitzer 55p
GWR02 WW1 Russian Artillery crews 30p
GWRR11 WW1 Russian Infantryappox 50 figures £3.50

News for October

Heroics & Ros will be closed between October 4th and 12th we will take a week off, no orders will be shipped that week.

News for September

The new release for this month will be
AM6 4K 4F GrW1 81 mm Mortar Carrier 55p
BM72 Vector 55p
GWB26 BL 6-inch 26 cwt howitzer 55p
GWF7 Heavy Machine gun & crew (1914) x 3 55p
GWFR14 French Infantry in Action (1914) appox 50 figures £3.50

News for August

The new release for this month will be
AM4 4K 4FA-G1 (Standard APC) 55p
AM5 4K 4FA-G2 (20 mm Oerlikon turret) 55p
GWB25 Rolls Royce armoured car (First RNAS Pattern) 55p
ACC5 Spare Track units 60p

News for July

The new release for this month will be
F34 Unic P107 Light prime mover 55p
GWF13 Rimailho Model 1904TR 55p
GWF14 Early WW1 French Artillery crew 30p
SM98 T-55 NEW MASTER 65p
SM99 T-55A 65p

News for June

The new release for this month will be
SM96 T-54A (redone with corrected hull) 65p
SM97 T-54B 65p
G219 Somua S307(f) Vielfachwerfer 55p
SWM14 BV206 mortar carrier 65p

Don't forget we will be attending the Joy of Six show in July so if your planning an order please let us know so we can be sure to have what you need.

News for April

The new release for this month will be
NKM01 Chonma-ho 65p
NKM02 VTT-323 Standard APC 55p
NKM03 VTT-323 with ATGM 55p
NKM04 VTT-323 with 107mm MRL 55p
GWG16 Heavy Machine gun & crew (1914) x 3 55p
GWG15 Big Bertha (Type M-Gerät 14 ) £3.00
GWGR14 German Infantry in Action(1914) appox 50 figures £3.50

Pictures here including the new Taliban figures

They will be released at Salute if you want to be sure to have some please let me know so we can have them ready and the will be avalaible for mail order after April 14th.

News for March

Sorry for no February update but apparently it was a wet month, being based in both Somerset and Reading we knew this and while it did cause some problems we have pretty much caught up now. So it's time to bring out some new bits. In fact these are our first new figures, the start of many to come. We will be releasing a new range of WW1 figures to complement the current range of figures and vehicles. The first are crew figures for our guns, in addition we now have a range of Taliban figures. Many of you will be please to know these will be available both in individual weapon strips and packets. Pictures to follow.

USM58 M1 Abrams (New turret on current hull) £0.65
GWG14 Early WW1 German Artillery crew 30p
GWB24 Early WW1 British Artillery crew 30p
M22 Taliban infantry approx 50 figures £3.50
M23 Taliban Heavy weapons approx 50 figures £3.50
IRF1 Taliban Passenger block 30p
IRF2 ZU23-2 Taliban crew ground mount 60p
IRF3 Honda Motorcycles (5) 60p
IRF4 Taliban Mortar strip 60p
IRF5 Taliban HMG ground mount (2) 60p
IRF6 Taliban HMG AA mount (3) 60p
IRF7 Taliban AA missile (3) 60p
IRF8 Taliban Infantry strip type 1 60p
IRF9 Taliban Infantry strip type 2 60p
IRF10 Taliban Infantry strip type 3 60p
IRF11 Taliban Infantry strip type 4 60p

Happy New Year 2014

Well 2103 was certainly an eventful year for me and Heroics & Ros.
As many of you know my father was taken ill and sadly died in February, this as anyone who has lost a parent will tell effects you in so many ways and for a long time, I still ask myself what he would think when trying to decide something.
But with the help of my wife, family and friends and great customers we carried on.
We have the chance to buy the 1/300th Skytrex range and while there is a lot of duplication there was also enough different models particularly in their range of support vehicles a for us to think it was a great addition to the range.

We out grew our old premises and with an injury which could have meant I would have been out of action for months a move was needed and gave us greater casting capacity. So together with SHQ miniatures and Ian Armstrong, we have all now moved to much bigger premises in Somerset.
The move took much longer than we hoped starting in July and only finally finishing in December but it has been worth it.
With Ian and Heroics & Ros now sharing the same site it should make the release of new models much easier and quicker and we are already experimenting with different metals used by SHQ which are give some great results for some of our larger aircraft.

We purchased the Triton Costal force 1/600th range with the intention of allowing Skytrex to build and supply them for us while we completed our move and set up the new factory. Unfortunately with Skytrex going into administration this didn’t workout quite as we hoped. The good news however is that the range is now ready to be released and will be on sale as of Monday  January 13th – luckily it’s not a Friday.

With 2014 being the 100th anniversary of the start of the Great War, and the fact that my grandfather served in France I felt while we do already have a large WW1 range we could start to add to it. In addition one of our most requested items is surprisingly civilian vehicles so to start January of we are releasing the following.

JM01 Toyota Pickup £0.55
BM71 Range Rover £0.55
GWG13 WW1 German field gun 7.7 cm FK 96 n.A. £0.55
GWR01 WW1 Russian field gun 76 mm divisional gun M1902 £0.55

I hope 2014 will be a great, if hopefully less turbulent, year for Heroic & Ros and wish you and your families all the best for 2014.

More News for July

Just want to give an update on the happenings at Heroics & Ros
As some of you maybe aware I have hurt my elbow and may require surgery which would pretty much put me out of action for a month. Not wanting the wheels of Heroics and Ros to fall off we needed to find a solution. We have now moved Heroics & Ros production to Somerset where we can share SHQ’s new home. This works for both of us allowing us to help each other, share production equipment and most importantly casting help.
It’s going to be a week or two before we catch up on our outstanding orders but in the long term this will be a great move for us.  It will giving us greater security in casting and additional room for the Skytrex range we now own.

We can now sell the Skytrex AFV range and by next week the planes should be ready.
Initially we are going to sell things just how Skytrex did, in packets, to keep things simple.
They are now priced at £3.00 a packet, which is 20% off the old Skytrex price of £3.75.
We will review plane pricing before they go on sale.
This is the old Skytrex model list and pricing.

Skytrex models

In the future the plan will then be to integrate the unique Skytrex models into the Heroics & Ros range and sell them all singularly.  In addition, while the moulds last we will offer a legacy service for the duplicate Skytrex models for those wishing to complete an army using the same models. They will be sold singly but at an extra cost as we won’t be holding much stock and will need to be cast specially
We think this will offer customers the chance to complete a project without us needing to hold two sets of stock which would not be viable. So if you need any Skytrex in quantity now is the time to get them but we will do our best to keep the models available as long as possible.

As for Heroics and Ros we have some new models ready and they will be available week commencing 12th August. Please feel free to order now if you would like but any order won’t be dispatched until that week at the earliest.

SM96 T-54A £0.65
CHM 7 Type 69 II £0.65
ACC 4 Oil drums 5 drums on a strip £0.60
SWM13 Volvo C306 £0.55
SKM04 KIFV £0.55
SKM05 K263 Cheongoong 20 mm AA £0.55
SKM06 K1 AVLB £1.00

I would like to thank everyone for their support and feel confident we are on the way to an even bigger and better Heroics & Ros

News for July

I just want to put out a quick notice about the Joy of 6 show,Peter had been kind enough to invite us and we hoped to attend.
Unfortunately real life has got in the way.

As some of you may know I have injured my elbow and may have to spend a month in a cast. This has highlighted the need to urgently getting greater casting capacity. This we are doing over the next few weeks but it means sadly we are not in a position to attend the show.
Rather than have no stand at all Peter has been kind enough to provide a “volunteer” to man a virtual stand for us, he will have copy of the catalogue.
So should anybody attending the show wish to place an order with Heroics & Ros they will be able to do so with him.
If you pay on the day we are doing free shipping any where in the world.
I would like to thank Peter for his help and understand with what is a difficult time for us and a busy one for him.
I wish the show great success and see you there next year.


More News for June

We have been asked what the hook looks like so here is a quick picture while its off at the painters. There is Sprut and UAZ 496 in front for scale.

SMA900 Mil Mi-6 Hook £15.00

Click the picture to see a bigger one.

News for June

The next few month will be very busy here at Heroics & Ros. Following the purchase of Skytrex we should be moving to new premises soon. We will let you all know more when confirmed but here are the new models for June.
SKM01 South Korean K1-88 £0.65
SKM02 South Korean K1A1 £0.65
SKM03 South Korean K9 Thunder £0.65
NEM02 YPR-765 pri (£0.55
NEM03 YPR-765 prat (TOW launcher)£0.55

SMA900 Mil Mi-6 Hook £15.00

News for May

This are starting to return to normal here. So we are pleased to release 5 new models for May.
SM95 T-55AM2B £0.65
CHM05 Type 89 APC £0.55
CHM06 ZBD-05 Amphibious APC £0.65
SWM11 PV9031 crewed jeep £0.55
SWM12 PV9031 with RR £0.55

More News for April

Yes is true we have now purchased Skytrex's range of 1/300th planes and vehicles

April has been a busy month with Salute and clearing of all our back orders following the death of my Father and then the purchase of Skytrex. The Skytrex range will now be taking some time off and should be back in June. We are planning to move to new premises and we are just getting too big for our current home. Once this has been completed and stock, moulds masters etc moved in they will be back. In the short term we plan to offer the full range to allow the completion of existing units.
We will then integrate the unique in to the current range. Where duplicates exist the current plan is then to offer a "main model" of each item and the duplicate will still be available by special order as long as the mould last. This gives the chance to complete existing armies without us have to hold stock of both.

We still need to clarify pricing and selling policy "packet or no packets" but this will be complete by June ready for there return. The purchase of Skytrex has allowed us to concentrate on making new models rather than spending time on making models which already exist but are needed in our range to complete and unit ie Leopard bridging tank.

May will see the restart of our new  model releases and will see our Mi-6 Hook on general release, it had a preview at Salute and is now off to the painters.

News for April

Many thanks to all our customers for your patience throughout the last couple of months, we are now back on track and aim to send out orders as normal.We are also pleased to confirm we will once again be at Salute, so we hope to see lots of you there too.

News for February

February has been a difficult month for Heroics and Ros. My Dad was in hospital and unfortunately his conditioned worsened and he has now died. I would like to thank all our customers for their understanding over this period. We are going to take the first week of March off and will return hopefully refreshed ready for a busy March.

News for January

We are pleased to release 5 new models for January
B116 Mack EXBX 18ton Tank transporter ramps down £0.65 AM3 SK105 Kurassier £0.55
G218 Beobachtun SPZ Lorraine £0.55
B117 Monty's Caravan (with Monty) £0.80
SM94 2S25 Sprut-SD50 £0.65

News for November

We are pleased to release 5 new models for November. Please not these will NOT be available until after Warfare.
BM69 Coyote £0.80
BM70 Jackal 2 £0.65
RSM01 RG-32M (LTV) Remote weapons system £0.65
RSM02 RG-32M (LTV) crewed MG £0.65
GMA403 EC-135 helicopter £1.50

To confirm we will be at the Warfare show in Reading on the 17th & 18th November http://www.wargamesassociationreading.co.uk/

Closed for a Proper Honeymoon

We have decided to close Heroics and Ros for 3 weeks between 8th - 28th September. Being a small family company it is not really practical to run the business with both of us away. You are welcome to place orders while we are closed but we won't be able to ship until our return. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

New models for October

We are pleased to release 3 new models for October
CZM03 152mm SpGH DANA £1.00
SM93 T54-1 £0.65
B115 Mack EXBX 18ton Tank transporter ramps up £0.65

New models for September

We are pleased to release 4 new models for September
SWM10 Pvpjtgb 1111 Volvo C303 with RR £0.65
B114 Light Dragon MKIII £0.55
BM68 L4 MoBAT £0.40
IT26 Ceirano Truck£0.55

New models for May

We are pleased to release 4 new models for May
SWM09 Archer SPG £1.00
CHM04 Type 89 SPAT £0.65
BM66 Champ MG carrier £0.55
BM67 Mastiff £0.65

Pictures of the new models are here Gallery

More News For April

We are pleased to say we will now be stocking the Fight's On! range in the UK, and will be bringing it to Salute.

Please let us know if you would like to order for pick up at Salute. Being a new range stock will be limited initially as we gauge demand. For more information on the range check out the web site: www.fightsonstore.com

News For April

We will be releasing the following models in April

Two new Becker conversions to go with the existing G215 10.5cm leFH 16 auf Geschutzwagen Mk.VI 736 (e)

G216 Beobachtungspanzer auf PzKfw Mk. VI 736 (e) £0.55
G217 Munitionspanzer auf PzKfw Mk. VI 736 (e) £0.55

A completely re master
B112 Matilda I £0.55

and the mixing of two exiting models to make another version of the A13 tank
B113 A13 MK I £0.40

And YES we will be at Salute again this year.

More New models & Photos

More new models have been added to the Heroics & Ros range thanks to the skill of Ian Armstrong as our Sculptor. Release dates below and more to follow later in the year. Photos soon.

SWM07 BV206 £0.65
SWM08 BV206S £0.65
B111 Retriever GS Truck £0.55
G136 20mm AA Flak 30 in traveling mode £0.40 (rerelease)

AUM1 Bushmaster £0.65
AUM2 Bushmaster - crewed MG £0.65
AUM3 Bushmaster - Remote weapons system £0.65
BM62 FV432 MKII £0.40 (rerelease)

BM63 Champ £0.55
BM64 Champ FFR £0.55
BM65 Champ Atk £0.55
G186 Kübelwagen open top £0.20 (rerelease)

In addition we have added lots more photos to the gallery in preparation for the new web shop.

We Have Moved

We moved to new premise. Our new postal address is now

Heroics & Ros

P O Box 8157


RG30 9HR

Don't worry all the mail is being redirected until May so you ave while to get used to the new address.


New models

The combination of Armstrong miniatures and Heroics & Ros has now produced its first new models with many more to follow. A full list of the new models and the original Armstrong models can be found here with their new H&R reference number.

There is also a photo gallery of the new models here


Salute 2011

We are please to say we will be coming to Salute this year. If you wish to pre order anything for collection at the show just let us know. With a range of over 2,000 different items we can't be sure to have what you need on the day if you don't.


Heimskringla Range

We are please to announce another addition to the Heroics and Ros range. We have purchase the Heimskringla Range of Viking longboats and crew from Kremlin miniatures There are a range of 1/300th scale miniatures which complement our exiting range of "Dark Ages" figures of Normans Saxon and Vikings. For more detail see Heimskringla Range

Andy Kirk February 2011


Armstrong Miniatures

We are please to announce Armstrong miniatures are now part of heroics and Ros. As Ian put it

" I am pleased to announce that Armstrong Models is now under the guiding hand of Heroics and Ros Ltd.
I have made this move to sell the range to allow me to improve the rate at which masters are produced and released for Armstrong Models,
and also for Heroics and Ros.
Therefore, the quality will remain, and the rate of new releases will improve somewhat."


Armstrong miniatures can now be purchased directly from Heroics and Ros.

Andy Kirk September 2010


Paypal and email ordering

This it clarify that we DO take paypal now and are more than happy to take orders by email. The new web site is underdevelopment and as part of that process we now have a paypal account.

If you would like to use this method just let us know what you need (yes email fine) and we will send a paypal invoice . Please could you provide the delivery address with your request so we can work out the correctly delivery cost.

Andy Kirk March 2010

Under New Management

Over the next few weeks we will be aiming to consolidate our position using the familiar listings and web site. However, during 2010 we will be bringing forward some exciting new developments both in the form of our web site and a modest expansion in our range of 1/300 scale vehicles.

For those wargamers who have in the past purchased their Heroics and Ros models along with their Navwar 1/300 ships, and Naismith and Roundway 15mm figures, these ranges are of course still available direct from Navwar www.navwar.co.uk as before, though they will no longer be carrying the Heroics range.

We hope to attend a small number of shows in the future and I look forward to meeting customers old and new at these events. Details will be posted on our web site.

Andy Kirk 14 December 2009